Kōrero mai

Learn some te reo greetings

Au ai tū au ora — If it is spoken it will live


Speaking it is a vital way to express our Māori culture and maintain our pride and identity as a people.

Te reo greetings

Here are some simple greetings you can practice:

  • Tēnā koe - Hello (to one person)
  • Tēnā kōrua - Hello (to two people)
  • Tēnā koutou - Hello (to more than two)
  • Kia ora - Hi (to one or more people)
  • Kia ora kōrua - Hi (to two people)
  • Kia ora koutou - Hi (to more than two)
  • Mōrena - Morning
  • Ata mārie - Good morning
  • Ahiahi mārie - Good afternoon
  • Pō mārie - Good night/evening

Try to use these greetings and learn a new kupu (word) every day.

Practice at home with your whānau.

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