Canterbury's newest habits

Share positive thoughts as often as possible

Kris, Riccarton

Enjoy 5mins with each child individually

Maria, Burwood

Apply for jobs

Janys, Springston

Make my lunch at home 2x a week

Tony, Spreydon

Spend 30 mins outside with my kids

Kimberley, Chch central

Draw one drawing each day

Keke, Sumner

Be on time

Jackie, Rolleston

Make my bed every morning

Kerian, Bromley

Eat a healthy breakfast every morning

Emily, Rangiora

Stop adding sugar to my coffee

Jackie, Shirley

Take a photo of something beautiful everyday

Mikayla, Willis

Learn something new everyday

Louise, Rangiora

In bed by 10.30

Hinawai, Lincoln

Write in my journal every night

Kendra, Ilam

Eating a healthy breakfast

Malena, Avonhead

Get outside for 30 minutes everyday

Caroline, Cashmere

Enjoy 20mins of "no study" time

Sophie, Sockburn

Keep smiling and make my partner smile too

Caroline, Linwood

Do 20 mins of harp practice

Diana, Linwood

To do some work on my PhD

Roisin, Edgeware

Stick with giving up smoking

Liana, New Brighton

Give thanks and be happy everyday

Fidelia, Halswell

Attend my new gym four times a week!

Tracey, Merivale

Reducing portion size

Lisa, Edgeware

Take the time to stretch & breathe.

Anna, Edgeware

Dont stress on the little things

Ariana, Hornby

Do my physio exercises every day

Andrea, Rangiora

Save more by not buying a coffee.

Aleisha Blake, Central Christchurch

Pick up my book instead of my phone

Kendra, South New Brighton

Complete one Chinese lesson.

Coral, South New Brighton
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