Learn your hidden strengths!

Knowing your strengths isn’t just interesting information. When used in our daily lives, character strengths can have a positive impact on our happiness, relationships and life satisfaction.

Plus, the VIA Survey is based on science! It was developed many years ago by a team of scientists and researchers, and is now an internationally renowned character strengths tool.

Take VIA's 10-15 minute free strengths quiz now to discover your top strengths and learn some new ways to apply them in your life.
Increase happiness
Knowing your strengths and using them is scientifically proven to increase your life satisfaction. Using your top strengths in a new way has been shown to increase well-being and decrease depression.
Strengthen your relationships
VIA's research shows that understanding and appreciating your partner and friends' character strengths is connected with better relationships and a deeper connection.
Boost your confidence
Researchers have also found that people who use their character strengths experience a higher level of self-esteem and self-confidence.
Reduce stress
Knowing and using our character strengths has been found to improve our ability to cope with stress, while also decreasing the negative effects of stress.