Making a difference

Since we launched in February 2013, All Right? has been overwhelmed with positive feedback.

In June 2019,  77% of Canterbury residents surveyed said All Right's messages made them more aware of looking after their wellbeing—and this number jumped to 93% among 15-29 year olds, with more than 75% having taken action as a result of the campaign.

Feedback from Cantabrians

“Because of the wonderful flags I was prompted to get on the website and found I was able to access funded counselling. I have had five sessions and they have helped me ENORMOUSLY!!!!!! YAY!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!"

 “I had a few badges given to me over the weekend, so I offered them to my form class (CGHS) today and I was *mobbed*. The girls started talking about how they are not feeling "all right" about everything and they asked me to please get them all badges, and some for their friends."

 “I went back from work feeling a bit down the other day and without really knowing why. I opened the Press and saw the ad "It's all right to feel overwhelmed some days". I felt relieved, like someone had just read my mind. This ad is now on the dresser in my bedroom and every time I feel blue, I just look at it. Thank you for this."

 "I work as a clown doctor in the children's ward and today we used your compliments as part of our 'rounds'. I cut them from The Press. We had lots of fun letting children and parents randomly pick a compliment and then basked in the joy of complimenting each other as well as pretending to be ninjas and frolicking in fields etc. Thanks for all you do."

 “I saw your compliment tags hanging up on Riccarton Road and picked one up. I saw this beautiful elderly lady walking by herself through the mall so I departed my friends, passed her the tag and said: "You are amazing. Even when you don't always think so". She put her arm around me and gave me a big, genuine smile and said I was the nicest young lady she had ever met. It was a very nice feeling seeing someone I didn't know light up and pay a compliment back to me. Love this campaign you guys have going. Ka pai!"

 “I love the community spirit of the All Right? campaign. It makes me think about one of my favourite Whakatauki. "Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini ke." My strength does not come from me alone, but also from others."

Our impact through social media

Our social media evaluation also found that the majority of survey respondents agreed the Facebook page was helpful (98%), gave people ideas of things they can do to help themselves (96%), and made people think about their wellbeing (93%). Impressively, 85% of respondents had done activities as a result of what they saw on the All Right? Facebook page.

Read the full evaluation of the social media component of the All Right? Campaign here.

Our impact with tangata whaiora (people with experience of mental illness)

This evaluation sought to understand the reach and impact of the All Right? campaign specifically for tangata whaiora / people with experience of mental illness.

The evaluation found that the All Right? campaign was valued by tangata whaiora / mental health service users for its positive effects on wellbeing.

One respondent said the campaign was ‘almost a secondary treatment for me, ‘cos every time I see them it reminds me to think about myself and how I’m doing’. 

Another commented that the campaign was helping reduce the stigma of mental illness, ‘I think that through the All Right? campaign there is more awareness of mental illness.’

2018 Sparklers evaluation

An evaluation of Sparklers has found that it is easy to implement in the classroom and teachers and other professionals working in schools are overwhelmingly positive towards it.