It's all about connections

Moments That Matter
With Bevan James Eyles

When Bevan James Eyles looks back at his fondest summer memories it’s not the fanciest presents or the incredible Insta-worthy Christmas dinner that comes to mind. It’s connections.  Connecting with family and friends, getting out in nature together or hanging out over a barbeque.

“Long summer days with the family, playing backyard cricket, eating ice-cream at the beach.  That’s the kind of moments that matter.”

Bevan James Eyles is mile-a-minute; like a wind-up toy on full.  He’s a Christchurch fitness guru, has raced as a top level Ironman and has rockstar status in the fitness industry.  Get him talking about fitness, he loves it.  But get him talking about creating wellness from within, he really lights up.

“We live in world where it’s like the gifts we give or the things we have is almost the definition of success.  But in truth it’s basic life stuff…connection, shared experiences, being at the beach.  The things we really value are the simple things,” says Bevan.

It’s a simple message, but one that’s easy to forget when busy times hit.

“What gets lost when we get busy is everything that’s good for us,” says Bevan.

Bevan is passionate about staying in a healthy space – in body and mind.  But that can be tough when dealing with competing pressures like endless to-do lists, financial stress and social pressures – not to mention the high expectations we can put on ourselves.

To deal with this Bevan says planning is his most important tool, as by planning we can do more of the things that really matter.

“A good plan acts like a clear compass for how we should be acting.  It’s important to take a moment to think about what your real objectives are. What do you want to achieve? Often it’s not the things we buy that are important, it’s experiences and time spent with family and friends.”

Bevan encourages kids and family members to get involved with the plan, what’s important and what’s actually achievable.

 “I make a plan for what I can fit into my day or week, and then I identify what I can’t fit in, and I accept that and move on.  Planning is a great stress release.  It gives great clarity, and with that stress can be made manageable.”

And while putting ourselves first can be hard to do, Bevan believes we need to be the top priority.   

“If you don’t feel healthy it’s harder to manage the busy or stressful times in our life, which means we struggle even more.  We need to make our health the first thing we look after in our day,” says Bevan.

For Bevan it’s having time to play the piano that keeps him in a healthy space.

This year, Bevan and his wife Jo are looking forward to their special summer traditions.  Playing games with family on Christmas day, camping with a big bunch of friends and spending time in nature.  Those will be the moments that matter.