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Downtime Dice remind people to take breaks and recharge. The 11 actions have proven productivity and feel good benefits!
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Downtime types
“Sing along and/or dance with a song on the radio”
Diane, Rangiora
“Go for a walk with some friends/whanau”
Daniel, Opawa
“Watch the clouds and name the shapes with a friend & coffee”
Sophie, Rolleston
“Go outside and shoot some hoops with (or without) the kids”
Unicia, Russley
“Snuggle up on the sofa with the family & watch a good movie”
Unicia, Russley
“Listen to your favourite song + dance if you like.”
Erin, Mt Albert
“Carve a small ornament from a branch.”
Rowan Utting, Christcurch
“Visit the local Community Centre and catch up with friends”
Lisa Spence, Christchurch
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