Leadership Thru Me

Leadership starts with me

Leadership Thru Me showcased the best in Pacific music, fashion, poetry and dance. 

The creative talent of Canterbury’s Pacific community was harnessed to pave the way for the next generation of leaders at a grassroots level.

The kaupapa of event was clear to all -  “We want to encourage Leadership to our Pacific peoples starting with ME!”

Friends, family and faith

Ministry of Pacific Peoples Regional Manager Amanaki Misa spoke at the Leadership Thru Me event.

Misa said he loved his role for the fact it enabled him to have conversations about his community, and identify solutions to meet their needs.

Hailing from the Kingdom of Tonga, Misa is a proud Father to five children. Wellbeing to Misa means hitting the pavement for a walk or run - sometimes with his family and sometimes alone.

He loves spending time with his family, his faith, and leading his family and friends to know more about God.


Canterbury’s Annabel Ariki shared her poetic gift with a mesmerized audience. Her beautiful words reflect a journey toward identity and building a sense of belonging.

A lover of the night.

And water for the soul.

Youthful at first sight

With wisdom of the old.

Find her in life’s colours

As she dares to grace the stage.

Find her in her honesty

As it rises off the page.

Expressing yourself

On another note, Mahalia Simpson, of X Factor Australia stardom, took to the stage to share an honest and soulful performance. Born and raised in Christchurch, Simpson expresses herself to the world through singing and songwriting.

So while Misa, Ariki and Simpson may be on very different career paths, it’s clear they share the Pacific values of spirituality, family and identity. Feeling inspired now?