Out of the Heart

Pacific women have long played significant roles in their communities, creating strong networks and support structures and working to keep Pacific traditions alive with strong family and church networks.

The Out of the Heart project recognises that women are the heartbeat of the family.

For this very reason, Pacific women are conduits of change and wellbeing.

You are the heart that beat

You are the voice that speaks

You are the body of beauty

And the home of an exceptional soul… The Pacific Woman

Because of who you are ... I Am

What you do and say can shape the actions and beliefs of your children, communities and church.

When it comes to stepping up and taking charge in the home, workplace or community, never underestimate yourself or ability. 

Value your skills, be strong, draw on social connections and help others where needed.

Two generations

Our wellbeing is greatly influenced by our identity. But how do we define our identity? Well, culture plays a pretty big role.

For youth that have been born in New Zealand, juggling two cultures can be pretty tough however.

As adults, we need to recognise that our children are trying their best to navigate Kiwi culture, while maintaining their Pacific identity.

We all want our children to have and live by Pacific family values, culture and religion. At the same time, we want them to be the best students and succeed in New Zealand society.

Communication is crucial if we are to support them through this balancing act. 

Acknowledge and talk through any conflict, rather than jump to disciplining your children.

No place like home

It can be a tough world out there for our young people and there really is no place like home. 

Family, as hard as they can seem sometimes, are the very foundation for mental health and wellbeing for Pacific People.

So when the young people suffer, it is felt right through the family unit.

The more the younger generation have to constantly adapt and operate between home, Pacific and wider New Zealand community, the greater the risk of a sense of failure.

In difficult times, we look to our families. So keep an eye on those you love. If there are signs that someone is hurting, don’t be afraid to check if they’re all right.