Tribal Heritage

A problem shared is a problem halved

How cool would it be, if men felt comfortable enough to talk about their mental health, without fear of being shamed?

In 2017 All Right? facilitated a series of consultations with Canterbury rugby league players to better understand where they were at with their wellbeing and the sorts of supports that would make the biggest difference.

It was clear that a lot of Pacific men are under a huge amount of stress in the home and at work. 

It was also clear that many young Pacific men and adults are struggling to share their feelings or stresses for fear of bringing shame to them and their families, and that many of us joke about our problems to avoid tapping into the way we’re really feeling.

Talking about it is Manly As

Have you considered talking to your best mate or brother about how you feel? Maybe your sister has a good understanding ear? 

While you may want to put on a brave face, actually talking it through with a mate or family is going to be better for your mental health. 

Now is a good time to think about that one mate or family member you can always rely on, who listens, and maybe even offers a solution. 

Or maybe you’ve noticed a mate, who could do with being asked if he’s alright? Doing so is Manly As.

Move your mood

A good way to tackle unwanted stress is to sweat it out.

An exercise-based challenge, can be an awesome way to get fit and boost your wellbeing at the same time.  

“It’s good, fun and healthy...gets everyone energized...can be contagious,” says one participant.

There’s lots of support out there

There are a range of services available to men - the Canterbury Men's Centre is a great place to start. Remember it’s alright to love your Pacific culture and it’s also all right to show your pain without compromising your heritage.