Te Reo Māori is an essential expression of Māori culture and identity, and an important contributor to wellbeing, as is learning stuff and trying new things!  

Te Reo Māori incorporates Māori values, beliefs, and history. It is a taonga (treasure) which helps create common bonds and encourages speakers to reflect on who they are, what is important to them, and how they relate to others.

Concepts of wellbeing are firmly embedded into Te Reo Māori. For instance, the ‘ora’ part of ‘kia ora’ relates to wellbeing and being well. While concepts like flourishing and wellbeing are relatively new for many, such concepts have been incorporated into the Māori language and way of life for hundreds of years.

As part of our Te Waioratanga Te Reo Māori campaign we asked Māori from Ōtautahi how Te Reo Māori supports their wellbeing…