Get your own Digital Detox Box

Having a workplace or whānau Detox Box is a great way to catch some digital downtime together.

To make it super easy you can download your very own Detox Box template.

You can also order a Digital Detox Box sticker sheet or mini Detox Box from our Resources page.

Can't get enough Digital Detox resources? Check out our phone wallpapers, Facebook banners and detox tips.
Find the balance that works for you.

Do your own Digital Detox

Technology is awesome! Except when it’s not.

Like when we get panicky if parted from our phones. And check them at 3am. And feel drained by the constant ‘ping’ of notifications yet find ourselves ‘having a quick scroll’ while waiting for friends, watching tv, talking to loved ones, brushing our teeth, enjoying great kai, going outside or finally getting a ‘quiet’ moment…

For most of us, unplugging completely is unrealistic. Sometimes there are simply calls to take, texts to answer and moments we want to capture.

So doing a Digi-Detox isn’t about throwing our phones in the Avon or swearing off technology for good. It’s simply a chance to take a break, do something fun and find the balance that feels just right.
Recharge your brain
Short breaks from technology give our brains a break from digital processing, allowing us to slow down, focus and recharge. Good ideas often appear when we ‘switch off’ the information overload.
Gain some free time
The things that matter most usually happen offline. Digital downtime frees us up to read, walk, sing, dance, get outdoors, spend time with the whānau, enjoy our favourite hobbies and do whatever it is we’d like more time for.
Boost your relationships
It’s pretty hard to hold a conversation while sneakily checking your phone. (We know, we’ve tried!) Being present and showing you care can be a real happiness booster, for us and the people who matter most.
Enjoy the moment
Knowing we can break the pattern of being ‘always available’, helps us reclaim our time and feel more present. Even a brief digi-break can ease stress, give us a boost and change how we use technology.
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