Case Study: Lincoln University Recreation Centre

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Teams reconnect through wellbeing initiatives

You’ll find Jayne Smith in Lincoln University’s recreation centre looking after the community space.

Wellness and personal training manager Jayne Smith and her team got mandated with ways to wellness in 2014.

“So we’ve been doing this for a little while.”

Jayne leads various initiatives to promote wellbeing on and off campus.

Weekly activities, including walking and running groups, football and mindfulness meditation have proven beneficial for staff and students.

Their men’s health month has encouraged men to start thinking about all things health and wellbeing. Jane says the programme was created for men, by men, to meet their needs.

Programmes have been worked in with Pink Shirt day, White Ribbon Day and national campaigns to promote awareness of important issues.

This year’s Green Week was a collaborative effort between staff and students, which looked at sustainability.

“We see more people, not just to their colleagues in their area, but across campus because they’ve met them at the activity and had some fun together in a different way.”

“And Lincoln has been through some hard times. Like all organisations, going through change is difficult, but the one thing we can always do is just spend time together and realise we are all here for the same reason, which is for students. Sometimes I think we forget that.”

Jayne said the activities had encouraged people to share personal stories with others, and brought them closer as a result.

Mindfulness makes for easy transition

Practising mindfulness helped Kate Maxwell make a smooth transition to a new job and a new city.

“I would not be where I am today without it. It’s helped me a lot with my move to Christchurch and starting my new adult life in the big wide world. So I’m very grateful for it.”

Kate’s job as fitness and wellbeing consultant, for Lincoln University Recreation Centre, ensures she looks after her own wellbeing, as well as that of others.

She works closely with Jayne Smith to promote healthy initiatives.

Every Monday, Kate takes “Be Creative”, where she will sit down for half an hour and get students making puzzles or origami creations.

“We also do meditation each week.”

For half an hour each week, Jayne and Kate will sit in a quiet space, and meditate with anyone else who wants to join in.

They move through various types of meditation, including meditation, mindfulness and chi gong.

“It’s quite cool to learn those new ways.”

Their Thursdays in Black campaign, which aims to raise awareness of sexual violence, is an important initiative for Kate.

“It’s great to see that the more it’s talked about the more open people become and the more willing they become to share their stories or any issues that arise.”

“It helps keep everyone safe and more valued on campus.”

Kate says the campaigns play a significant role in helping everyone to move forward.