Case Study: Pegasus

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Coming to work each day is easy for Koral Fitzgerald.

“All in all, it’s a very happy place to work in,” says the project facilitator at Canterbury Clinical Network. 

Pegasus offer several health and wellbeing initiatives to all staff, which Koral says has contributed to creating the supportive environment. 

For accountant Andrew Gallagher, taking steps to address wellbeing isn’t “rocket science”.

“Anything involved from a social point of view works really well,” he said.

Annual quiz nights have been fun for the team, and encourage people to mingle outside their day-to-day teams.

“I think in any office environment in a company of this size, you don’t know everyone. It’s very easy to stay in your pod, your wee area and it’s your safety net but doing something else, something new and fresh, means you step outside of that,” said Gallagher.

Gallagher said the company’s approach to health and wellbeing had worked well across the organisation because they didn’t target it to specific individuals but rather everyone - and every initiative was created by those most in the know.

“Management aren’t included, which I think is good too. Let the people decide what they would like. I mean, anything you do, is better than not doing a thing.”

Gallagher encouraged workplaces to “just simply start” when it came to bringing wellbeing into the workplace.  

Other examples of health and wellbeing initiatives supported by Pegasus include an annual grant staff can use towards looking after their health and wellbeing, providing opportunities for new staff to be introduced to the whole organisation, dressing up to celebrate events such as World Cups, and providing staff with flexibility regarding their working arrangements.