Make a mobile

From driftwood and shells

He ringa rau e oti ai — ​Many hands make light work


Showcase items from te moana (the sea) by making your own driftwood mobile.

You will need

  • 2 straight pieces of driftwood (arms length or smaller)
  • String and scissors
  • Shells with holes in them
  • Optional: feathers, beads, small pieces of driftwood and seaweed.

What to do

  1. Tie your driftwood together to form a large ‘X’.
  2. Clean your shells and decorations with water and a cloth.
  3. Divide your items into four equal groups, then arrange each group into a straight line on the table.
  4. Tie each line/group onto a new strand of string, so you have four in total.
  5. Fasten these strands onto the four ends of your driftwood X.
  6. Then add a hanging string to the centre section, and find somewhere cool to hang it!

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