Growing Kamokamo

Plant kamokamo seeds

Mā mahi, ka ora — Through work we prosper


Whakatō i te Purapura (planting seeds) is a great Spring activity for the whole whānau.

You will need

  • Six eggs (shells only)
  • A cardboard egg carton
  • 6 kamokamo (or pumpkin) seeds
  • 2 cups of good potting mix
  • A needle or pin
  • A knife, teaspoon and cup

What to do (in October)

  • Using your knife, carefully tap around and cut the top off each egg.
  • Pour the yolk and white into a cup, then make a hole in the bottom of each shell with your needle/pin.
  • Spoon potting mix into the shells until they’re 3/4 full.
  • Water the soil using a drink bottle.
  • Insert a kamokamo seed 2cm deep, then recover with soil.
  • Draw a face onto your egg shells with felts, and sit them in your carton.
  • Leave in a warm sunny place to sprout.

When seed sprouts are 20-30cm tall, give two away to whānau and plant the rest in a sunny part of the garden, at least half a metre apart. Water in the late afternoon or evening.

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