Downtime is good time!

Sometimes we need a gentle reminder that it’s ok to kick back and regularly relax. 

Are you struggling to keep on top of everything going on in your life? Do you always feel there’s just one (or more than one!) thing to do?

You are not alone. We’re all affected by the pressures of modern life, whether it’s managing deadlines, worrying about money, running after kids or feeling pressure to be responsive 24/7.

Many of us tend to think that taking a bit of time off is a waste of time and a sign of inefficiency or laziness. But the reality is that our minds and bodies need regular rest to recharge and keep you feeling your best. 

Small breaks can make a big difference

Just a few minutes of quality downtime can boost our energy, focus, creativity, productivity and happiness.

Making the most of downtime can be as easy as going for a walk round the block, catching up with a mate for a coffee, or doing a sudoku. 

If you’re slogging away and feeling blah, the best thing to do is to step away for a moment and have a bit of enjoyable downtime – taking a break for just a few minutes will make you more creative and productive.

Do it for your brain

Science has shown that allowing yourself to have downtime is good for your brain.

The Scientific American reports downtime replenishes the brain’s stores of attention and motivation, encourages productivity and creativity, and is essential to both achieve our highest levels of performance and simply form stable memories in everyday life. 

The lowdown on our downtime activities

All Right's Downtime Dice feature downtime activities proven to be beneficial for a person’s wellbeing, such as getting outdoors and connecting with others. 

Each downtime activity has proven feel-good benefits – they’re simple but they work. 

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Get your own Downtime Dice

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