Ngā huru/Autumn


Explore the Travis Wetlands

Tama tu, tama ora, tama noho, tama mate — Be active be well, be inactive be unwell


This ancient mahinga kai is a great place to explore, with a flat, easy loop you can walk in an hour.

You will need

  • Jerseys in case it gets cold
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Things to eat and drink

How to get there

Take the Orbiter or buses 135 or 60, or take and follow the map!

The history of Travis Wetlands

Travis Wetlands was a key mahinga kai (food gathering) area used by Māori tribes from about 900AD to 1948.

Things to look out for

Along the way, keep an eye out for native bird life, mahinga kai insects and webs, native plants and information about the area’s history.

For tamariki who are into bugs, take the time to find and examine the webs - they’re amazing!

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