Helping others helps you too

Marie Black has come to the realisation that the best way to help yourself can be to help others. 

The time since the November 2016 earthquake has reaffirmed to Marie that she really enjoys helping people. 

“I appreciate the opportunity to help. It fills my cup the most.” 

Marie was in Rangiora during the February quakes on a visit with a six week old baby and Mother for Plunket. 

“The Mother handed me the baby – her husband was in the Price Waterhouse Building. Crikey – we didn’t know anything else. When I knew my family were ok, the offer for me to stay was accepted. 

“I was in a protective position, a position to guide her to a place of safety, a trusted place. I very feel very privileged.” 

Marie says the best thing about living in Hurunui are the people. 

“The Hurunui is my comfort, my joy and my heritage. The Hurunui is my river – I grew up looking over it and it’s where I belong.” 

Her advice to others is to try and keep things simple. 

“Try to eat well, drink plenty of water and sleep well. And make time for family – if no one is around there’s always Facetime!” 

“My message to others in Hurunui is to connect! It takes a village to raise a child. No one should be alone and there’s heaps of help out there if you know where to look. People are out there and they genuinely want to help.”