Remember everyone is fighting a battle

Jac Wright has a message for her community and anyone that might be doing it tough. 

“We are all fighting, we are all struggling, but you are doing a good job.” 

Over the last 18 months, Jac has come to realise that being an adult is hard. 

To look after herself, she exercises, eats healthy food, immerses herself in work and connects with friends. She finds baking to be therapeutic. 

“The three-year drought was our earthquake, and it’s still affecting us.” 

“It isn’t easy, you need to work through it. You will have bad days, but it will get better.” 

Jac acknowledges the Hurunui community for the way they’ve handled everything life has thrown their way in recent times. 

She says farmers helping farmers and Winton Dalley's support of the district is notable. 

For Jac, the best part about living in Hurunui is the fact she is surrounded by friends, in the rural setting where her kids grew up.  

If in need of a sweat treat or good coffee, Jac can’t go past Leithfield’s Pukeko Junction cafe.