Singing to cope with stressors of life

Stella Sales has a simple tool to help her cope with anything life throws her way. 

“Just sing it out,” says the Culverden farm worker. 

“When working in the shed I am singing, when I walk the laneways I am singing.” 

Sales has become a leader on the farm and in the Filipino community, with her positive attitude to life.  

“Everything will be alright.” 

Since the earthquake, Stella has become a known figure in the Filipino community and devoted time to helping anyone, who might be needing some extra care. 

“My husband and I laid low before – now I am vice president of the Filipino community.” 

“I stepped out for the Filipino community – time is divided between family. It’s time to step up.” 

She urges all newcomers to Hurunui to “be yourself, be hardworking, earn the trust of the people. Learn to cope with what New Zealand is.” 

Sales is now sharing her healthy messages with the rural community. 

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Speak out. It’s hard if you don’t let your feelings out – cry if you want to cry. Shout if you want to shout.” 

Sales gave up her job of 17 years in the Philippines and left her family behind when she moved to New Zealand. She is now loving life in her new home. 

“I have met wonderful people.”