Towards a more connected community

Kaye Vessey (pictured left) learned a lot about herself following the 2010 and 2011 Christchurch earthquakes. 

“When the November 2016 quake came along I was a little more prepared, if that’s possible. I had more understanding of what the effect on me would be.” 

Kaye is now working in a role she’s always wanted – supporting her community to become more connected. 

“I have lived here for about 17 years, and have always wished for more community development and connectedness. I’m now helping to provide that. It’s a privilege to be in a role that’s helping contribute to our recovery. And along the way, I am meeting many wonderful people.” 

Her message to others in Hurunui is to “keep close to whānau, keep helping your neighbours, and enjoy each day.” 

“What would I say to a mate who’s struggling? Simple… how can I help? 

When Kaye needs a boost, she takes a rest, reads or gets stuck into the garden.