Managing significant change

The latest addition to The Worry Bug Project resources is ‘Making Everything Alright’, a series of three videos.

The videos address themes within the Te Whare Tapa Whā model, offering a broad approach to managing after disaster or times of significant change. 

Psychological Support

The first video in the series is directed at families or professionals working with families, and looks at psychological ways to manage the two main types of anxiety responses that have shown up in post-disaster populations.  

Physical and Spiritual Support

The second video looks at using spiritual and self-care techniques as part of your everyday life in order to promote mental health. In it mindfulness teacher, Gestalt therapist and parenting coach Neave Ross-Wallace talks about mindfulness-based techniques.

Community Support

The third video examines how community on a wider scale can affect mental health post-disaster. This video includes interviews with  Sue Turner from the All Right? team.


‘Making Everything Alright’ is funded by the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust and Kōtuku Creative and is supported by the All Right? Campaign.